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I was walking to school the other day, and I decided to take a shortcut across the field, and get to school a few minutes faster, at least that’s what I thought. When I finally got to the field, I noticed that there were a lot of people on it. Usually, the field should be empty, I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I proceeded towards the school. I saw a friend of mine, who informed me what all the fuss was about. Some girl had said something to some other girl, and a fight was brewing and everyone wanted to watch. Because I feel I’m too mature for such idiocy, I took off towards class.

I guess they are right when they say, no good deed goes unpunished. I was being a good girl, and trying to avoid conflict, and didn’t want to be someone who egged on fights; so I headed towards class. This did me no good, because as soon as I started walking away, the fight inevitably started. I usually wouldn’t even turn around to give such a thing, a moment of my energy, but I was knocked over by one the two girls who had somehow come in my direction, so quickly. One punched the other, and the other punched back. I was trying to get out of the mess, only to get socked right in the eye, while trying to get up.

I was more than angry, and I’m not a fighter, but I was ready to punch somebody now too! There was no need, because as I was pulling myself to my feet, someone grabbed me by my shirt, and I saw two teachers, grab the other girls. “You girls like to fight? Well, let’s see if a week’s detention, will help you learn to get along!” I immediately started screaming, “that’s not fair, I wasn’t even involved in the fight, they rolled over on me fighting, and someone punched me in my eye!” I’m very thankful that my friend was there, because she vouched for me, so they took the other girls away, and took me to the health room.

My eye immediately started swelling shut. It hurt and it burned, and even a pack of ice didn’t help. My mother was called, and I was excused from school for the rest of the day, so my mom took me right to the doctor’s office. I really like my doctor, I’ve been going to him since I was born, and now that I was in high school, he’s seen me through the best and worst of times! He tried to stifle back a laugh when he looked at my face. I was not terribly amused by his smile, but since he’s really cool, I let it go. I just simply explained that I was minding my own business, and two girls were fighting, and one of them, punched me in the eye.

He looked at my eye, which would barely open by now, and told me that it would be swollen and black for the next couple weeks. He said the swelling should go down within a few days, but it probably would be best to stay out of school until the swelling dissipates. He said he would give me a doctor’s note, so I could take it to school with me when I went back. He told me I could take a few days off of school if needed, to let my eye heals some, because I could barely see out of it. I thanked him kindly, and we went home. I called my friend, as soon as I got home, and she told me that the two girls ended up fighting again in detention! I guess some people never learn.

Even though my eye was hurting me badly, I did have something to smile about, I get a few days off of school, and I got a shiner I can brag about to my friends when I get back! If you want a great template for a doctors note, go here.

Impatient Patient Waiting for a Return to Work Letter from Doctor

It probably sounds strange to most readers, but there are times when it is essential to make sure you are at work. This isn’t always the case, but sometimes when there is a great deal of stress or many changes going on at work, you just need to make sure you are at your desk or in your office, aware of what is happening.

For me, this happened about eight years ago. My office was in flux with new management and many possible changes afoot. I felt a great deal of stress, anxiety and worry about the status of my position and if I would still have a job when all the transitional dust settled.


During this same time, I was training for my first triathlon. My training was one of the few things keeping me grounded and less worried. One day on a bicycle ride, I came upon a nasty patch of road and, before I knew it, I was soaring over the handlebars and landed in the grass. At first I was in such shock I didn’t notice how badly my hand and wrist were injured. Once I stood up and noted the intense and quick swelling, I knew I was in trouble.

And Yoda said…

…and therefore search for fake doctors note from time to time 🙂

After going to the hospital room, I returned home with a distal radial fracture that would require surgery. Besides the physical pain involved, I was unhappy that I would miss my triathlon, but perhaps deep down, I was most worried about the excess time I would have to miss at work. However, surgery was not optional; it was essential. The surgeon told me that my wrist would never truly heal properly since it had been crushed during the fall. I couldn’t imagine a life without push-ups, attempts at pull-ups and a generally active lifestyle, so I committed to the surgery and the time off that it would require.


Once I had my surgery, I was anxious to return to work but, thanks to filling out FMLA forms, I was stuck at home far longer than I would liked and with too much free time on my hands. Thankfully I had plenty of accrued personal, vacation and sick time at my disposal, but I disliked burning through those so quickly after spending years building them.


The one thing I needed and wanted most during that time was a return to work letter from doctor on staff, but I kept running up against administrative confusion. If only I had access to a sample template or templates of return letters from the Dr, I was tempted to write my own letter at several points so I could return to work and find out what I was missing and if my position was in danger. Not since grade school days had I felt such a temptation to break the rules and present a false excuse or excuses, but the pressure was mounting. Once I finally returned to my job, I felt better and more productive and far less worry.

Beware of Fake Doctors Notes

There is a way for a person to obtain a fake doctors note but this will not be something that is recommended for people to in fact try to pass off as a real note. This type of note can in fact be founded out to be false by certain places of work or schools. These notes are available to be either purchased or free to be downloaded on paper in order to be turned into the specific location as an excuse. Although this may seem like an easy way to get an excuse, there can be serious consequences in case the person or staff finds out about the fake note. There are plenty of templates and samples that can be printed off for alteration in order to be given in as an official doctors excuse. There are flaws in certain documents that will give off the impression that the note is in fact fake rather than being original.

The documents with flaws will have fake doctors, fake hospitals, fake phone numbers or wrong dates. These different types of mistakes can cause a staff member or the reader to in fact question the validity of the document that you are giving in as an excuse. The fake doctors note can cause more harm than good in certain situations thus possibly causing a harsh punishment to the person turning in the document. If you want a free fake doctors note then the best way will be to at least visit the doctors location to get a note or use word of mouth as a way to state where you were located. Although word of mouth will not be official it can save you for you will have been placed in the system for the visit even though you may have not been treated.

Playin’ to Win Baby

hockey playersOn a cold Sunday afternoon in Southern New Hampshire, the AJHL All-Stars generated more than enough heat to keep the Salem ICEnter warm and inviting for the estimated 50 NCAA Division I and III coaches who were in attendance. All of those on hand, including representatives from NHL Central Scouting and the USHL, were treated to an enticing display of junior hockey talent during a fast-paced, well-played affair.

Hilarious Hockey Bloopers

Whenever I feel like I need to be cheered up, I check out some of these hilarious hockey bloopers.

Most Gruesome Video in Hockey

I saw this video as a child and I will never forget it.  It scarred me for life.  I didn’t play hockey for a year after seeing this.

Best Phony Doctor’s Notes Templates for School

Blank doctor notes templates can be filled to secure approval for leave from work or school. The notes are offered in form of templates which are downloadable or can be bought from some top rated sites. The fake doctor’s note templates conveys the illness or medical condition that the patient is undergoing thus they need some break from daily activities. The note must also indicate the day when the person is to resume work to be taken as authentic.

There are many ways in which you can get a fake doctor’s note template, you may want to visit a doctor and ask them to sign one even though you are not sick. There are web pages from which you can download or print the medical excuse notes and tailor them to suit your needs. Search for the best medical excuse notes online with blank sections where you can fill in your details. When filling in the missing blank spaces, do so carefully as not to make your document lack authenticity. Make sure that the topic of your note is a doctor that is something personal, such as a urologist.

The doctors note for school must be submitted only after you have proofread it an ensured that it is authentic per se. There are many websites where you can find customizable medical excuse notes that you can tailor to meet your needs. Embark on rigorous research and you will find the high quality notes.

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